We are able to offer you a comprehensive range of treatment from which you will benefit for life. We utilise the latest technology and materials available to ensure pain free dentistry.

Our modern technology means that everyone can enjoy the confidence that comes from having attractive and healthy teeth. White fillings are just one of the applications we can use to improve your appearance.
We offer the very latest advances in tooth whitening, veneers, inlays, crowns, bridges, Cfast Cosmetic Tooth Alignment and denture work. We use the very best dental technicians and laboratories. On special request we can offer a within 24 hour crown service.

X-rays that are necessary in the diagnosis of tooth and gum disease are taken. These can determine the presence of hidden decay, the condition of deep fillings, impacted teeth, bone loss and many other problems. It is our practice policy to keep x-ray taking to a minimum. We offer a smoking cessation service and have an advisor.

We stock a full a full range of Oral Hygiene Products and would be happy to advise. We only stock product which we recommend. The importance of regular dental visits cannot be overstressed; they help us to help you keep a healthy smile for life.
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